About Bauhan Custom Builders

About Bauhan Custom Builders

Bauhan Custom Builders is committed to provide the best quality custom home with a competitive price and first-rate, comprehensive project accounting.  And John Bauhan has done just that for the past ten years as a construction manager of restorations, remodels, new construction and land development for high-end homes in Aspen, Colorado and Richmond, Virginia.

John Bauhan has been in the building industry since 1991 after graduating from Virginia Tech with a degree in economics.  His company started as an excavation business and was highly regarded for its services provided to many of the builders and landscapers in the Roaring Fork Valley through the 90’s.  Bauhan then helped establish the Colorado office of an international lighting control company where he developed an expertise in the electrical systems used in houses and commercial spaces, and became well versed in lighting design.

In 2010, Bauhan relocated his business to Richmond, Virginia from the Aspen Valley of Colorado.  The past year has seen his completion of various remodels and additions to several beautiful homes in this historic area.

This broad range of experiences has given Bauhan the building blocks necessary to become a well-rounded general contractor, known for his integrity, fairness, attention to detail, and commitment to excellence.

Bauhan Custom Builders will bring the most competitive buying power to every project.  Each project will be tracked closely, and the company will remain at a size for which each project gets Bauhan’s personal attention.  Bauhan is completely committed to each client and the quality of his product.  Bauhan Custom Builders will strive to provide each homeowner with a wonderful experience in building the end product they desire.


John H. Bauhan